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About Dianne's Call





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About Dianne's Call

Dianne’s Call is a grassroots organization that optimizes community health through education and access to healthy foods in underserved neighborhoods. We empower the community with knowledge, hands-on practical applications and natural lifestyle modifications that will ensure a whole health experience to create a world of wellness. This is accomplished through classes, seminars, retreats, art, music, culture and community gatherings. The Executive Director of Dianne’s Call, Bonita Clemons, is a Health Scientist and Certified Health Counselor with a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of South Carolina’s Arnold School of Public Health. 


Dianne’s Call was born when Ms. Clemons realized her desire to educate the community at large about holistic health after losing her mother at the age of 42.


About Bonita 

After September of 1992, something did not feel right. A car had struck Bonita’s car on one September day and sent her to the hospital for her injuries. Two days after that she woke up in her own bed; shecould not move. She could not feel anything; all she knew was that everything hurt. In shock and extreme pain, Bonita went to the hospital. The hospital brought in surgeon after surgeon and for 20 days Bonita laid in the hospital until doctors could figure out the cause of her pain. Many tests later, a 10-inch incision was cut along Bonita’s abdomen, stretching from her chest, down to the start of her pelvic bone. After some recovery time at home, Bonita began graduate school in January of 1993. However, it was only a short amount of time before she was back in the hospital to have surgery for returning pain. As doctors were still uncertain of the cause of her stomach pain problems, Bonita did notice that certain foods were making her ill. Thus began her journey towards holistic health, with meditation and walking, and a strict vegetarian diet. However, another set back surgery occurred due to a bowel obstruction wrapped around her large intestine. Following her recovery, the continuation of her health journey was in full force. Bonita then discovered her own juice drink that helps lower blood pressure, and worked towards the goal of teaching health to those around her.  

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Bonita's Statement

“I had to change the way I ate or else I was going to die. It was then when I realized that nutrition can provide life or death.”

“My scar represents me and my journey towards a healthy life. We all have our own journey and we all have our own scars.”

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