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Promoting Health  & Well Being

Promoting Health  & Well Being

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Annual Kids Farm Tour

Summer Food Service Program

Mascara Project

Cooking Classes

Women Circles

Walking Clubs

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Self - Care

Self-care means looking after yourself in a healthy way. It requires implementing the plan you have set. The program participants will learn how to implement four very vital components into their daily lives.



  • Physical Fitness and Immunity

  • Reducing Stress

  • Relaxation

  • Mindfulness


Farm Team (Farmasis)

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Nutrition Education

Basic nutrition information, learn to shop for groceries, plan menus, and prepare healthy foods. Our program will inspire and empower families and individuals to lead healthier lives by teaching them to eat well and stretch their food dollars in the process.

Program participants will:

  • Learn how to make good choices to improve the nutritional quality of the meals and snacks they eat.

  • Increase their ability to select and buy food that meets the nutritional needs of themselves and their family members.

  • Gain new skills in food production and preparation, and they will learn to better manage their food budgets

Our Prayer Line

Women: 7 a.m. Monday - Friday 

(712)-432-1620 code 723346

Men: 7 a.m. everyday 

(605)-475-3200 code 934878

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