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Fundraiser for our Annual Youth Excursion 

Each year we take the youth on a Black farmer excursion. All proceeds from the calendar will support the youth to have a fun, educational experience. 

Past Youth Excursion to McClain Ranch in North, SC

Past Youth Excursion to the Annual Williams Muscadine Festival in
Nesmith, SC 

Dianne's Call Thank You to Midlands Gives

Dianne's Call Thank You to Midlands Gives

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I am Bonita Dianne Clemons, creator of the first All-Black Male Calendar published in 1993. I named it the PREMIERE because it was literally the first of its kind. The idea came to me while recuperating from multiple surgeries after a major car accident that left me disabled for several years. I needed to find some enjoyment even in the midst of my healing journey. Doing the All-Black Male Calendar was fun and therapeutic.

I realized that conventional medicine was not going to heal me, and I would need to take control and create a way to self-heal my mind, body, and life. One of the results of my journey was the creation of the S.P.I.C.E2 Nutrition philosophy and program. S.P.I.C.E2 stands for Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural, Emotional, and Economic. These are the entrées on my menu for healthy living and the pillars that make up my corporate brand.

Thirty years after the introduction of “The Premiere” comes the “Southern Spices”. This calendar, once again, pays homage to Black Men. These men are seasoned and represent the absolute refinement, distinction, and variety Black Men bring to the table.


Enjoy these Southern Spices as they enhance your life and food.


All funds from the calendar will support our youth excursion to a black farm.


Each Month Highlights:


Customers who purchase a calendar BEFORE January 13, 2023 will also receive a FREE seat in a LIVE COOKING DEMO on January 26, 2023 via ZOOM. 

All details will be emailed prior to January 26th, 2023.

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